January HBCSD Meeting Highlights

Couldn’t make it to the January 22, 2019 Huntington Beach City School District (HBCSD) meeting? That’s ok! Here’s a copy of the agenda and the highlights.

—HBCSD Meetings are are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm at Mofffett Elementary. Contact Tara Barton, Eader Advocacy Chair, for more information (Advocacy@eaderpta.com)

Highlights From the HBCSD Meeting

• All motions were approved.
• HBCSD passed its 2017-2018 Audits with all findings unmodified.
• 2019 Extended School Year Program was approved and Seacliff is the recommended location.
• The new district office was mostly furnished by donations. The 2018-2019 Arvin Union School District Bid will be used to furnish the district board room.
• Social Media talks have been offered throughout the district to address issues and concerns that our students may face with social media use. The average teenager is on social media 6hrs./day. Social Media is linked to self esteem issues and cyber bullying.
• Safety updates:
o How do we identify at risk children? HBCSD will be partnering with Phoenix House and UCLA to create identification framework.
o Fencing: Each school is being evaluated for fencing to secure school properties. Initial proposals have been reviewed and assessments will continue until March.
• Ms. Beck, Principal Eader Elementary, gave a presentation on Culture and Climate.
o Eader has implemented “How Full is Your Bucket” book and actively promotes student acts of kindness.
o Each class has in-class discussions and classroom boards to promote kindness acts.
o Eader has implemented Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) which includes a student ambassador program and STAR behavior awards.
o Eader PTA supports kindness through Happiness Is Now assembly and the Red Ribbon Week “Start With Hello” initiative.

Open Session discussions included:

• Dyslexia—Parent proposed that HBCSD implement a more advanced dyslexia screening system (DIBELS is current system) to decrease the number of unidentified students.
• District Advisory Committee—Parent recommended to HBCSD that members of this new committee be voted in or randomly selected vs. appointed by current board members.
• New District Office Concerns—A group of residents living adjacent to the new district office expressed concerns that the maintenance buildings have been moved without proper city permitting and are in violation of city zoning laws.
• Cell Phone Policy at Schools—A new policy has been implemented that no cell phones may be used or be in view during school hours including passing periods and recess/lunch. A parent raised concerns that children need to have access to phones to communicate with parents and/or authorities throughout the day. Parent also expressed the need for some special needs children to use their phones during recess/lunch to escape anxiety and bullying via music.